Wood working

The thousand and one machine for create doors, windows and work panels. .

Customer: AES – CNC İşleme Merkezleri

The challenge

AES company needed to introduce in the market a machine aimed at producing wood doors and kitchen wood panels. The manufacturing process included the roughing and the use of various tools and of some aggregated tools for surface and side working and drilling.

The machining had to go on in one specific area, while the operator had to load pieces in the opposite area. If needed, the same program made for a left-hand door had to be used also to produce a right-hand one.

The user required a very simple and intuitive interface, integrated with third-party CAM software in order to generate the program.

CNC features used

  • Program affine transformations  features: mirroring, rototranslation, etc…Trajectory interpolation with constant Jerk control;
  • High-Speed interpolation algorithms;
  • Velocity Feed Forward in order to reduce at a minimum the following error during the interpolation;
  • PC-based architecture, allowing to host Windows-based CAM software;
  • The PLC code is developed in IEC61131, allowing an easy maintenance, and it uses the ISAC libraries to manage all of the main aspects of the application.

Our solution

ISAC offered a CNC capable to drive servodrivers with different kinds of interfaces, from pulse/direction to Mechatrolink. The interpolation quality is very high for all of the supported interfaces.

Thanks to the fact that the CNC runs in a PC environment, it is possible to execute also a CAM software in the same environment, and it is possible to easily integrate custom-designed HMIs.


The time needed to implement the application are very small in comparison with competitors’ CNCs.

Reduced times for machining of decorations and inlays.

Excellent quality of the machined surface, thanks to the absence of sudden movements of the mechanics.


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