Metal sawing machine

The importance of cut and connect

Customer: MEP

The challenge

MEP is a multinational company, specialized in building metal sawing machines; it produces many different models, in various facilities.

The company found that using many different control solutions, the development requests and times would have increased, so they were looking for an unique solution for all of their machines.

This solution should have allowed the remote diagnostic and the network connection of the machine. Moreover, it should have supported the modular building of components to be assembled together only when shipping them to the customer.

Base features

  • Distributed Control;
  • PLC multitask logic programmed in IEC61131;
  • PLCopen MC Motion Control Feature;
  • Fieldbus connection for I/Os and servodrivers.

Our solution

ISAC offered its PAC, based on ARM CPU.

This solution allows the connection to the network, the execution of a programmable control law and of an HMI in various languages, all inside the same device.

Axes could be controlled as Pulse/Direction also for Stepper axes, and this allows to optimize the performance for step axes, reaching and sometimes exceeding the nominal characteristics of the motors. Moreover, the CAN interface allows to drive third-party servodrivers.

Thanks to the integrated DCS features, and to the low price per unit, each component of the machine includes a device that controls all of its parts, and communicates with the central unit through the network: in this way the machine could be configured when assembling the components.


Hundreds of machines produced during a collaboration witness the reciprocal satisfaction and the product reliability.

An unique device satisfies the requirements for all of the machine types.

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