Aluminium and PVC working

Mutual trust.

Customere:Gruppo Emmegi

The challenge

Emmegi Group works since many years in the aluminum (bars and profiles) and PVC working fields. It uses different productive units, in order to build many machine lines, each of them with different available options, and different between each other in complexity, size and features. Emmegi exports those machine all around the world, in big production volumes.

The interactive CAM, produced by the company, allows programming and adjusting on-board. The integration with the production management system and the remote verification of the production parameters and of the machine productivity inside the factory make the network connection very important.

In addition to the advanced milling features, those machines have sophisticated tools to hold the pieces that are being machined, and to load/unload the pieces themselves, so it is fundamental to manage those aspects also.

CNC features used

  • Remote CNC interface, and CNC remote control libraries;
  • RTCP programming;
  • Affine Transformations in Space for working programs;
  • Parametric programming of macros;
  • Mechanical vibrations suppression;
  • Volumetric compensation of the mechanical imperfections;
  • Digital servodrivers interface for axes;
  • Distributed cabling for I/Os and servos, along all the machine, thanks to the usage of digital protocols.

Our solution

ISAC constantly evolved the supply of their CNCs in order to always offer cutting-edge advanced technology, while keeping backward compatibility for all that concerns adjustments, programs and PLC logic.

ISAC introduced interfaces with the latest available fieldbuses for servodrivers and I/Os, in order to reduce manufacturing costs, improve the reliability and the productivity of the machine, and to offer compatibility with third-party products chosen by the customer.

The quality of the actual machining, compared to the time needed and to the mechanical limits, have improved constantly, and contributed to the success of the company.


Hundreds of machines produced during a long-standing collaboration witness the reciprocal satisfaction and the reliability of the product. The project maintenance and compatibility achieve as a result the possibility to renew the electronic components of the oldest machines, without modifying the working programs and PLC logic.

Some applications needed up to 30 controlled axes, in different interpolation and positioning channels, in concurrent mode, and with all the necessary synchronizations.

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