Plasma and water jet cutting

Easy and fast serial production.

Customer: Jekran

The challenge

JEKRAN company builds machines for metal sheet cutting, using waterjet, plasma and oxi sources. Some machines have two or more torches mounted on the head, in order to cut with different technologies.

The size of the machines varies from very small to big, and there is the possibility of using stepper motors. The central bridge is the main component of the machine, and it must be moved by two motors, placed at their sides.

The plasma source has a digital interface, for the definition of the cutting parameters. The CNC must communicate with that interface.

CNC features used

  • Internal Torch Height Control;
  • Serial Communication with the Plasma Source;
  • Compensation of Tool Radius;
  • Reverse Execution of Programs;
  • High-Speed Interpolation;
  • Customized PLC logic in IEC61131 languages.

Our solution

ISAC offered Costantino CNC, with a Ready To Work application. The axes interface is Pulse/Direction, that allows to optimize the performance of the step axes, to reach and sometimes exceed the nominal characteristics of the motors.


The CAM offered by Jekran has the possibility to define the cutting parameters, other than the machining geometry. The direct DXF geometry import and the possibility to use parametric shapes offers important way of usage for the machine operator.

The installation of the prototype has been done in a few hours. The series production is quick and easy.

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