Boring Machine Retrofit

The second life of a boring machine.

Customer: Erga-NovaGlass

The challenge.

Erga-NovaGlass company owned an old SKODA WH160 milling-boring machine, in perfect mechanical conditions. The problem were the five old analog servodrivers, that required a continuous manual maintenance.

In addition, all of the programs generated by the office CAM were to be transferred to the machine using old floppy disks.

CNC Features used

  • Conversational Programming;
  • Fixed working cycles;
  • Parametric Programmation;
  • Digital Axes Interface;
  • Ethernet CNC Interface.

Our solution

ISAC offered a compact CNC, easily housed inside the electrical cabin. The CNC has an Emerson SLM digital interface to the axes, so all of the servodrivers have been replaced with new products, with digital connection.

Moreover, the CNC shares folders on the Ethernet network, in order to allow the technical personnel to load programs directly from the office. It also publish all of the manufacturing information to the external supervising software, in order to verify the productivity of the machine during time.

The PLC logic required a few little modifications in order to suit the original electrical cabin. Those modifications were only a few hours long, and have been verified first on the simulator, then on the actual machine.


  • Reduced machine set-up time;
  • Reduced maintenance of the servodrivers;
  • Minimized machine down-time, near to zero;
  • Constant machining quality over time;
  • Import of CAM projects using Ethernet network.

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