This area of the site contains the latest version of ISAC’s software for basic products, for “ready to work” products, for development tools and documentation.

ISAC creates and maintains a list of users with some rights to use the function of this area.ISAC loads the contents for users. Some contents are available for all the users, other contents are available for some group of them and finally some contents are available for single user.

Every user will get the download’s list, with a description of the contents,  and they can download it any time.

When ISAC release the new version of contents, the users that can use its ,they will receive an e-mail to alert them of the release, a description of the contents and the way to get it.

Every user has the responsibility to decide if use the update or not, according to all needs.

Every user has a space where it can upload file to inform ISAC of the use of ISAC’s products.

When a user load a content, it must enter the name and a description of content.

The max dimension of the uploaded content is 100Mb. After Uploading, ISAC will recive a notification.

Attention: ISAC periodically will delete old or useless contents, so the users should not use this area to store information permanently