Costantino CNC

Costantino is a CNCsoft that can run on any multicore PC, either industrial or not.All its critic operations run on real time OS that has exclusive access to some PC resources, a core of the CPU, a part of RAM and an Ethernet port.

Costantino communicates through EtherCAT with I/O servo. Through a device called BRIDGE it is possible the use of other fieldbus as CANopen, Mechatrolink , and connections with servo trough analogand pulse/direction interfaces.

Costantino comes with a PLC environment that is programmable inIEC61131-3, in factit is possible to develop PLC logic with one of the five language included in the standard: ST, IL,LD, FBD, SC or C.

Costantino CNC interprets G-codes (ISO6983) programs and has lots of functionalities:;

  • with 25,000 blocks/sec and more than 200 blocks of look ahead, it is one of the fastest CNC in the market;
  • suppression algorithms of mechanical resonances, corrections of mechanical aberration  and other tools for improving the quality of movements;
  • control up to12 axes for channel and up to 8 concurrent channels, or part program in execution at the same moment;
  • Interpolation with respect of Jerk on the axis and on the tool tip for improving the quality of movements;
  • Interpolation through high speed algorithms to reduce working time, maintain constant working speed and reduce the mechanical vibration.
  • Perform machining with 3 axes, 3 axes with tangent axis, 5 axes with tool orientation;
  • Control of any ROBOT kinematic up to 6 degree of freedom;
  • Powerful simulation system that allows the user to see the working results directly on the material.
  • Costantino also has a complete application library that can be used ”as is” or as a base for development and customization. You can find example on the website .

ISAC, the company that created COSTANTINO

Costantino CNC represents the state of art of the constant development of ISAC CNC.

Since the early models, more than 20 years ago, ISAC adopted a CNC model based on the PC, in order to take advantage of hardware development on that platform and in order to be able to accommodate external CAMs.

Costantinorepresents a further evolutionary step: the CNC is not affected by the industrial PC that runs it. Any PC with an Ethernet port is all that is required to control a machine tool.

This new architecture allows to build applications with a level of scalability of performance and costs impossible to be reached up to now. The availability of hardware with local support increases in unimaginable way. The usage computing power does not limit the complexity of applications and the laws of motion control implemented by the CNC.

Costantinodoes not break compatibility with existing applications. All existing applications can be easily  converted to the new platform in a few hours of work. Macros, programs and HMI are compatible, PLC logic is compatible at the source level. Those who invested in the ISAC products will not be disappointed!

Costantinoexpands the compatibility and integration that has always characterized the ISAC CNC. The EtherCAT interface has been tested with a large number of drives, IO devices, and other devices.

Network protocols, web services, OPC server, allow you to integrate the CNC over a network for plant control and production.

The number of real-time protocols supported is constantly increasing, and will allow the product to reply to the  needs of the present and future market of automation..

ISAC has always invested in the introduction of fieldbus: ISAC introduced YaskawaMechatrolink since 1999 (first company in Italy),CANopen since 2001, EtherCAT since 2008.

Vendors of EtherCAT devices interfaced with Costantino