General layout

  • EtherCAT Bus Coupler
  • Additional modules connected on the right side
    • DI
    • DO
    • AI
    • AO
    • Retentive Memory
    • Laser THC and Raster Module
    • IO-Link interface
  • Each module fits in a box 108x80x18, DIN rail mounted
  • Connector plane sloping down to ease cable fitting
  • Grounding from back of each module, directly from DIN rail

Internal Bus

  • Dual speed bus, devices can mix in any order:
  • Up to 380 I/Os in the same Bus Coupler
  • A slower connection for simpler devices, 1-5ms data refresh,
  • depending on quantity of modules connected
  • A faster connection compatible with EtherCAT:
    • No compromise on speed
    • Used for most complex modules


  • Multi-Sync supported
    • Servos exchange data at fastest rate
    • I/O can run in a slower sub-network
    • Synchronization guaranteed anyway
  • EtherCAT SLOT interfaces
    • ESI file describes Bus Coupler and all I/O modules
    • Auto-identification of connected modules at SCAN time

Diagnostic tool

  • PC based application, runs on any PC
  • Configure module parameters
  • Check hardware connections
  • Check module diagnostic
  • Check network consistency with the project
  • Save template for full device, template can be loaded in the CNC/PAC configuration

Points of strenght

  • Future proof
    • Different buses may add in the future without changing I/O modules
    • Future I/O modules may add in the future without changing existing ones
  • Synchronized I/O exchange with DC: maximum actuation accuracy
  • Supports IO-Link
  • Offers includes Integrated Safety modules
  • Use of this EtherCAT device does not require OPIOECAT00 option in the ISAC CNC and PAC