EtherCAT Bridge Peripherals

ISAC EtherCAT peripherals are multi-function devices that offer the features that industrial PC do not have for CNC, MC and PLC applications and also the connections with all of the most important fieldbuses.

Ilium and Costantino use different stack of software communication in  the central unit, so they communicate with the bridge device in which they are connected through EtherCAT, and the Bridge transforms the physical signals in a compatible way with the bus used.

The EtherCAT network connected to the central unit can include any number of ISAC Bridge peripherals, and other third-party EtherCAT devices. In this way the application can use different bus and it is also possible to interpolate between servo motors connected to different buses, as the devices of every bus can behave in a synchronous way.

Available Features

( not all the features are available on all models)

  • Interface for analog axis with high precision and stability, with position reading through transducer with TTL or SSI encoder interface;
  • High-Speed Pulse/direction interface for servo and amplifiers for step motor, with position reading through transducerwith TTL or SSI encoder interface;
  • Bridge with CAN 2.0 fieldbus;
  • Bridge with YaskawaMechatrolink I and II fieldbuses;
  • Fast Digital input for sampling of positions read by the encoder;
  • Fast digital output for PWM signal generation and high precision output switching, synchronized with positions during movements;‏
  • Opto-isolated digital inputs;
  • Digital outputs up to 40w;
  • -10/+10VHigh Precision Analog Inputs;
  • 0/+10V Analog Outputs;
  • Retentive memory available for real-time component and PLC logic;
  • Display for device status monitoring.

All of the ISAC peripherals support CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT) andFoE (File system over EtherCAT) for the firmware update. Every internal parameter can be modified by the EtherCATconfiguratorand the basic behavior can be modified with special firmwares, dedicated to specific applications.