General layout

  • Add Safety functionalities to machines without adding wiring
  • Safe and non-Safe information flows in the same bus
  • Additional modules connected to same Bus Coupler
  • Connection based on FSoE
  • Safe PLC as FSoE Master
  • Safe I/Os as FSoE Slaves

Safe device: FSoE Master

  • Executes Safe PLC logic
    • Less than 5ms response time
    • Programming language: Function Block Diagram
    • Boolean logic instructions available
    • Integer math instructions available
    • PLCopen Safety standard FBs available
  • Mappable Input and Output process Data content to share with standard PLC logic
  • 12 Safe Inputs and 2 Safe Outputs included on board
  • EoE to download Safe logic and Slave configuration Parameters from EtherCAT Master
  • Internal retentive memory to store Safe logic and Slave configuration Parameters

Safe device: FSoE Slave

  • FSoE DI Slave
    • Additional 16 Safe Inputs
    • Any place in the EtherCAT network
  • FSoE DO Slave
    • Additional 8 Safe Outputs
    • Any place in the EtherCAT network


  • Compatible with any FSoE – Compliant EtherCAT Master
  • Safe logic can trigger Safe functionalities to servos that implements FSoE Integrated Safety
  • Basic Safety logic executable within the FSoE Master resources
  • Unlimited expandability of Safe I/Os
  • Distributed Safe I/Os

Development environment

  • Integrated in the standard PLC logic development environment, or independent to it
  • Hardware resources configurator integrated with EtherCAT configurator

How to program Safe Logic in ISAC environment

  • ISAC Fieldbus Configurator used to scan, identify and survey Safety and non-Safety devices
  • ISAC Fieldbus Configurator creates a map of slaves to connect with using slave-to-slave communication
  • Integrated Safe logic programming tool used to make program
  • Logic is sent to ISAC Master (PAC/CNC)
  • ISAC Master stores logic and programs Safe PLC device