Simon is the simulation environment of ISAC, which can simulate the movements of the machine controlled by the CNC in the environment where the work is carried out and with the maximum detail possible.

Every project Simon contains some solids associated with the movement joints, and with the other static components in the machining scene.

Every joint defines the run limits and the kind of movement associated as linear or rotative movement.

Simon allows to move the joints and keep a coherent representation of the components. The movement of the joints can be independent or controlled by the motor of the CNC.

Simon uses the motor of the CNC to represent the path of the tool center, and simulates the movement of the machine which is necessary to follow the programmed path.


During the simulation, Simon verifies the collisions between joints and the other elements of the scene. At the end of the programmed movement it shows a list of all the collisions with the list of the components which have banged and where they have banged.

The user can pause the simulation, stop it on a programming line through the interruption points and measure all the relevant parts of the scene with tools which are easy to use and powerful in the functionalities.


Simon configurations

The base code of SIMON products is SWSIMON001.

SIMON can do two roles as here described

Development and check tool

SIMON  allows to provide changes to the kinematics and to the working scene through editor options; once the scene is built, SIMON allows to do the simulation of the working with the same parameters of ISAC CNC that moves the scene’s degrees of freedom. SIMON also allows to simulate the working with variable operative conditions determinate from PLC logic that control the machine.

The same PLC logic interacts with the simulate working scene and it receives information about the machine state in the virtual scene, in this way SIMON has a role of check of that logic.

The role of tool and check is done better with SIMON if it is installed in a PC used for the development, for check and for the simulation of the application together with others tools of development and check supplied from ISAC.

Display of working scene

In this role, SIMON uses a scene realized by SIMON in development tool modality. This modality allows to do the simulation of the working with the same parameters of ISAC CNC that moves the scene’s degrees of freedom.

This modality also allows the connection to a real CNC for visualize the working, otherwise it will be not visible due to the guards or the current operative conditions ( opaque closed guards, cooling system or dazzling light that prevent the view of the tool and of the piece)

The role of the display is played by  SIMON installed on a machine or directly into the CNC.