Since 1994 ISAC creates hardware and software solutions for industrial automation, It’s products are numerical controls and motion controllers (PAC), entirely developed and manufactured in the factory.

Today, thanks to the forty-year experience of the founders of the company, ISAC realizes solutions that bring to success opportunity and to a best competitiveness of their customer.

The company is a reality in expansion on the Italian market but in particulary in the foreign market. In effect ISAC operates in Europe and in the rest of the world.

ISAC has an intense collaboration with local universities through which it manages to master the latest technologies and to performe a fast transfer of technology.

ISAC is certified with a quality system UNI EN ISO9001:208 since 2004.The basic input for the company are passion, dedication and willingness to improve the future growth.

Our static points


The product has an open architecture based on PC platform. It is designed and built according to industrial standards complying with EMI and Safety Standards. It employs low-consumption processors which need not ventilation. It is equipped with a standard, 32bit Windows operating system protected from alterations and adapted to the requirements of real time monitoring functions.

The product offers Plug’n Play functionalities and standard interfaces for connections to peripherals; it can also be an integrated node of the company’s computer network and can be remotely controlled also via the Web. The product benefits from an open architecture that can be easily updated to take advantage of the innovations offered by the market while keeping compatibility with the applications already implemented.


The product is based on a single central unit to which peripherals in compliance with industrial standards are connected. The calculation power can be chosen according to specific needs.

The software as well is divided into independent modules that can be assembled on the basis of application requirements and are all controlled by the PLC logic; it provides the same functionalities independnent from the hardware used.

The use of field buses allows the distribution of sensors and actuators on the machine or on the equipment with consequent saving on wiring and design modulairty


To meet market needs, the product is constantly updated on the basis of the new technologies available. R&D investments and the collaboration with the University ensure a short development time in order to always be in line with market tendencies.

The way the innovative activity is performed guarantees tha the pre-existing applications can be used on the new developed platforms.


The product has a reliable architecture that allows an easy application. The development and verification systems are common to all hardware platforms and libraries of functionalities already verified and eployed in many applicative fields are also available.


ISAC bases its development policy on the pursuing of three basic objectives; the technical and cultural growth of the working force, the accurate choice of external collaborators and the training of clients. With these aims it invests in courses and in long-term relations with these key actors in order to undertake a more solid growth process.